About our Safety Keychains & your Security

Hi there lovely ladies,

We care about your safety!
We are a women owned business (Mother & Daughter) and we strive to provide items to help women of all ages feel safer while carrying our safety keychains. 

Here are some recommendations: 
* Always be sure to carry your personal alarm/led light on your person while out for walks or an evening out with friends.
* ALWAYS keep your seatbelt cutter/window breaker in your car where it can be reached quickly.
* Always know where to grab for your kubaton/safety poker in case of emergency. Great to carry in your purse or jacket pocket for security. 
* Keep your no touch keychain close to keep those pesky germs off your hands while opening doors or pumping gas. 
* Be sure to carry your emergency whistle as well while on walks or out with friends. 
* Always great to add on a quick release keychain just in case. If needed you can at least be sure to release your house or car keys in an emergency.
* You can also add on a key knife keychain for seatbelt cutting or mail opening. 

Whichever items you choose, be sure to stay safe!

We care about you!

xoxo Michelle & Jessica